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Our most popular sleep aid is our Sleep Spray. This is not a pillow spray! This is applied directly to the body just like a massage oil. Transdermal applications are most effective as your body will have the ingredients flowing through your bloodstream within seconds. This magnesium-based product will also help with sore muscles, restless leg syndrome along with adding necessary nutrients into your body.

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Magnesium is required for our bodies to absorb every other nutrient we take in. It stimulates brain function, strengthens the immune system and has an amazing ability to fight stress. We’ve made it easy for you to absorb much needed magnesium immediately through the skin! Stone and Shadow offers magnesium oil in our Sleep Spray which can be applied to the skin before bed. Be prepared for the best sleep ever!


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2 reviews for Sleep Spray

  1. Jayde

    I love this product! I have restless leg syndrome and this really helps.

  2. Tiffany

    Loving this product. I use it for my kids during our bedtime routine. Has made bedtime so much more relaxed for my rambunctious, high energy kids.

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