Stone and Shadow is now offering Reiki and Sound Therapy sessions.

Contact us for bookings at or 519-635-3533

Reiki is a deeply relaxing experience that can ease tension, stress and balance the energy centres (Chakras) of the body. This practice can assist in accelerating the healing process for physical injuries and can aid in the recovery of emotional trauma. Reiki, meaning “Universal Life Force Energy,” is a wonderful way to enhance your holistic wellness journey.

60 minute session – $60.00

Sound Therapy is a harmonizing experience, recommended for many physical and emotional ailments. Using a variety of tools such as Crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, Tuning Forks, Frequencies, Guided Meditation and Reiki energy, these instruments assist in restoring balance to the body’s energy fields. During a Sound Therapy Session, the body will release endorphins and serotonins, allowing a jump start to restoring your entire system. Every session may be different depending on your intentions and needs.

 60 minute individual session – $60.00

60 minute couples session – $45/person


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