Incense Sticks


All of our incense sticks come directly from India using natural ingredients.
Box of 12-15 sticks
Brands Include GOLOKA, FLUTE, HEM and SATIYA

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Flute Patchouli, Flute Sandalwood, Flute Dragon's Blood, Flute Palo Santo, Flute Lemongrass, Black Nag Champa, Goloka Nature's Rose, Flute Calling Money, Unblocker, Seven Chakras, Flute Moon, Flute Seven African Powers, SAC Bergamot, HEM Oodh Sandalwood, Flute Purify the House, Flute Lotus, HEM Black Opium, Flute Celestial Protection, Flute White Sage, HEM Protection, Nandita Cinnamon, Super Hit, Goloka Nature's Jasmine, Satiya Sweet Vanilla, Goloka Crown Chakra, Goloka Third Eye Chakra, Goloka Throat Chakra, Goloka Heart Chakra, Goloka Solar Plexus Chakra, Goloka Sacral Chakra, Goloka Root Chakra, Goloka Nag Champa, Goloka Nature's Basil, Goloka Nature's Lavender, Goloka Nature's Nest, Goloka Nature's Meditation


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