Testimonials and Client Action Shots


“Just let me say thank you for everything. I realize I could purchase my items from any local retailer or even just in the states but I found your Instagram page for a reason and I try to follow my intuition. Your boutique is awesome and now Canada is on my map of places to visit. You are amazing and your energy is gentle and infectious” – S. B. TN

“Nadia, I am grateful. Your light shines so brightly that it burns my eyes. I am eager for the day in which I will be blessed to visit your shop.I began following you years ago and truly am blessed each time that I see the new additions to what you’re offering there….”

” I cannot believe the beautiful lather from the Eczema Soap! The kids smell so nice and their skin is so soft! Thanks again! ”

“I wear my necklace to work and everywhere. I wish I could make money off all the compliments and questions and people who are asking about it. Apparently it’s stunningly beautiful and people want to touch it. It’s that instinct for the negative to leave their energy…”

“…want to say THANK YOU again for tonight, and for everything else you share. Impossible to express what this evening did for me…my mind is still blown!”

“I can’t thank you enough I just don’t even have words to explain how amazing I feel, you are truly gifted”

“…I really, really enjoyed the session and my nerve pain has calmed way down. It’s really amazing actually!!”

“NADIA!! OMG!! I <3 this necklace!! It’s so gorgeous!! There aren’t any words to describe how elated I am!! OMG!! Thank you again! You do some FANTASTIC work!!”